Friday, January 22, 2016

Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

You'd forgive us for the delayed absence here at The Pink Mixer if we took the time to explain all that we had been up to since our last post in July. (Wearing bright red lipstick is just the beginning...)  What matters is that we've returned, albeit briefly, because we have discovered a face wash that we love so much, that is so delightful, we couldn't not write about.  

Ladies, Gent, dear Pink Mixer readers, let us tell you about Korres Greek Yogurt Foaming Cream Cleanser.  You know how you get those tiny sample packs of moisturizers, scrubs, and creams when you visit certain beauty stores?  If your bathroom is anything like ours they probably all get tossed into one drawer and forgotten the minute you return home.  So we like to think it was random luck and good fortune that we received just such a sample right as we were heading out on a business trip.  Instead of the usual drawer toss, our sample cleanser happened to land right in our traveling toiletries bag.

You've seen one face wash, you've seen them all, we thought to ourselves the next morning in our hotel room.  Still being fans of the edible kind of Greek Yogurt (and free samples) we tried it.  And found ourselves instantly smitten.  Our skin felt soft, smooth, and genuinely - immediately - healthier.  Deciding it was probably all in our heads we decided to squeeze another dollop out of the sample the following morning.  Voila!  Same amazing, surprisingly delightful results.  Which meant, of course, that we stopped in a Sephora in between our appointments and made a purchase that very afternoon.  Worth every penny.  We used our new full sized cleanser that night in our hotel room and have every day since.  Our face has never been happier.

Average Price: $26
Rating: 5 out of 5